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Wild Coast

Select FinishMetal
Select Size16" x 24"

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Save up to 30% on our Metal and Matte Mount Finish Options


Surf from the deep Pacific rolls to shore on the desolate beaches of Northern California, creating a pattern and the natural tonal colors of abstract beauty.

This photo captures the raw powerful allure of the ocean and a glimpse of the intricate artistic designs that ebb and flow onto the Wild Coast.

A limited edition of 500. For larger prints, please call the Galleries for pricing.

About The Finishes

All fine art photography is available in three different finishes. Watch these videos to learn more about our premium acrylic, metal and matte mount finishes to help you decide the best option for your space and budget.

About Limited Editions

Learn about the valuation and pricing structure of our fine art limited edition photography, collectors editions and artist proofs by clicking here.

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All fine art is custom made to order. The process of building these fine art pieces in all three finishes (acrylic, metal & matte mount) is extremely technical. We work to the highest standard, so please allow 4-6 weeks to produce, crate and ship the art. 

We use premium carriers to ensure the safest delivery of your art. You will be notified via email once your art ships.

Have a Question?

Interested in a size or framing option not available online? We are here to help! To speak with an Art Consultant, please contact us at: or reach out to one of our galleries in Solana Beach, CA or Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA.

Wild Coast


About the Surfboards

Throughout Aaron's life as a surfer and career as an artist, he's always had a passion for a well-shaped surfboard. In this collection, Aaron designs and engineers his photos to fit both horizontal and vertical surfboards, creating vibrant art pieces that capture the beauty of the ocean.

The surfboards are made out of ocean friendly material comprised of nut shells. They are the first ever biodegradable surfboard art on the market, replacing standard petroleum-based surfboards.

Using state of the art pigment printing directly onto fiberglass, these surfboards are printed with extremely high resolution, resulting in tremendous color and depth.

Each surfboard is custom made by hand in the USA.



These popular 12” x 12”s are made using our state-of-the-art photographic presentation. The result is a high quality, low priced mini art piece that fits any space and is fun to mix and match.

  • Ready to hang
  • This medium is optically printed onto Fuji Crystal Archival paper, which has a pearlescent base and is face mounted to acrylic, resulting in vivid, rich colors
  • Backed with a block that allows the print to hang 1/2” off the wall with a single screw
  • This presentation gives a clean, modern appearance of the print floating off the wall



Optically printed onto Fuji Crystal Archive photographic paper and face mounted to acrylic, this premium finish is our state-of-the-art photographic presentation. No other medium has more resolution, detail or color than this finish. The acrylic acts as a lens to enhance these qualities, giving the art a rich and luxurious feel.

  • Our most vibrant and popular finish
  • This medium is optically printed onto Fuji Crystal Archival paper, which has a pearlescent base, resulting in vivid, rich colors
  • The colors in the art awaken or lay down according to the light source, allowing the viewer to see and feel the art differently as the light changes
  • The back frame is a recessed aluminum frame mounted to the back of the print, that hangs easily using a cleat or z-bar.
  • This presentation gives a clean, modern appearance of the print floating off the wall



This pigment print onto metal is a modern, clean look. It is lighter weight than our Premium acrylic medium and you can save up to 30% off the acrylic medium.

  • Ink is printed onto paper and infused into the metal.
  • Default finish is glossy, for the greatest depth of color
  • Durable and UV stable
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Can withstand cleaning with bleach, making it a suitable medium for healthcare settings
  • The back frame is a recessed frame on the back of the print that mounts to a z-bar, for easy hanging
  • This gives a very beautiful and modern appearance of the print floating off the wall.



This pigment print on wood is the optimal choice to negate glare on a shiny surface. It costs up to 30% less than our premium acrylic medium.

  • Preferable for areas with lots of windows and excessive light that would create glare on a shiny surface
  • Printed on paper and infused onto a wood substrate
  • Coated with a non-reflective matte laminate 
  • The back frame is a recessed wood frame with a cleat for easy hanging
  • This presentation has more traditional look with the beveled wood edging

Aaron Chang’s Limited Editions: Edition Size, Valuation and Exclusive Editions

About Limited Editions

What is an edition size? An edition’s size is how many prints we will make of a particular photograph. For example, an edition size of 95 means that 95 signed limited-edition prints will be made of that image plus between 1 and 3 Artist Proofs. 

  • Limited editions generally come in different quantities: 500, 250, 95, 50, 25 or 10. Aaron chooses the edition size for each image at the time of release. Each edition also includes between 1 and 3 exclusive Artist Proofs.
  • Due to our ability to customize Aaron’s photographs to our client’s space, our standard sizes, plus any custom sized photos, murals or surfboards, are assigned an edition number for their art. This edition number will go towards the total number of editions created. The clients will receive their signed limited edition with Aaron’s signature, their edition number and the total number of editions printed. For example: 20/95. 
  • Each limited-edition work comes with a certificate of authenticity.

How are Limited Editions Valued?

For editions of 500, 250 and 95, limited editions are valued based on our 3-tier pricing matrix. As the edition sells through, the price goes up. 

  • The first third of the total number of editions (usually starting at edition #11) are launched at a set price based on the size of the art. 
  • The 1st tier pricing is our best value and rewards collectors who get in early on a release.
  • After the first third of the editions sell through, the pricing moves to 2nd tier pricing, which is priced higher than the 1st tier pricing. Likewise, 2nd tier having sold through two thirds of the edition moves into 3rd tier pricing which is higher than 2nd tier. 

Editions of 50, 25, 15 or 10 are unique small editions, priced by the artist, with the premium editions being the first and last of the total edition run.

Collector’s Editions (CE)- Reserved Limited Editions:

Editions #1-10 are reserved as the Special Collector’s Editions for our Premium Collectors, who are eager to acquire a low or exclusive edition number. These editions are sold at a set premium price and can be purchased at any time during the release. (Call the galleries if interested in acquiring a CE print.)

Artist Proofs (AP) represent the most exclusive part of the edition and carry a significant premium in price reflecting scarcity. Artists proofs are customized by the artist to render a unique interpretation of the digital negative other than the Standard Release version and may have color, tonal and/or compositional variances from the Standard Edition. (Call the galleries if interested in acquiring a CE print.)