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"The World's Most Accomplished Ocean Photographer"


About Aaron Chang


YEAR 1974

The Love of Surfing & Photography

Aaron moves to Hawaii to surf and shoot photos. It was like the wild west on the North Shore of Oahu in 1974.


YEAR 1985

The Creator of Modern Surf Photography

Aaron works his way to the pinnacle of the surfing photography world, redefining the sport of modern surfing through his lens.


YEAR 1988

Around the World

Aaron has travelled to 50 countries shooting and surfing, capturing over 37 covers for Surfing magazine and over 100 covers globally on other magazines.


YEAR 1990

Romance Photos

Aaron shoots a line of romance images that go on to be some of the best selling posters in the world.


YEAR 1995

Aaron Chang Swimwear

Aaron and his wife, Erika, create and manufacture Aaron Chang Photo ActiveWear, a photo driven apparel line, specializing in women’s swim and sold by boutiques worldwide and top tier retailers like Victoria’s Secret, as shown.


YEAR 2008

Fine Art Gallery

Aaron opens his first fine art gallery in Solana Beach, California, showcasing his ocean photography in stunning large format prints.


YEAR 2013

Ambassador of the Arts

Aaron is nominated as San Diego’s "Ambassador of the Arts" with numerous awards for "Best Galleries" in San Diego.


YEAR 2017

Custom Commissioned Healing Art

Aaron revolutionizes art in the health care industry with his highly technical installation of his Torrey Pines State Reserve photographs printed onto sound proof paneling, for enhanced patient experience in the emergency room.

This is a full circle moment for Aaron. After breaking his neck many years ago in a surfing accident, he is now able to provide healing art to patients in critical condition.


YEAR 2019

Carmel-by-the-Sea Gallery on Ocean Avenue

Aaron & his wife, Erika open a fine art gallery on Ocean Avenue in Carmel, CA that features his exquisite ocean and surf photography.




Showcase art that instills a sense of wonder in the beauty of Creation, presented in a gallery that conveys an atmosphere of excellence and staffed by happy, motivated art consultants who focus on an elevated client experience.


The Aaron Chang Galleries are a light in the community. We aspire for all who come to the galleries or view the work online, to come away feeling more inspired than before they encountered Aaron & Saxon’s life-affirming work.


Through art, we will contribute to the betterment of our culture and inspire our guests and clients to appreciate the beauty of nature and the ocean.