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Whether you are looking for art for your home, business, healthcare facility or hotel, Aaron Chang Ocean Art Galleries has you covered. We will guide you through our unique process, helping you to create a space that will inspire for years to come. Eleven years in business and thousands of happy customers later, we will help take you to the next level.


Set the tone for your home with art that calms and inspires. The power of inspirational art in the home is invaluable for your health and wellbeing; art has been proven to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and improve the quality of life.


Aaron and his team go far beyond providing art, with the ability to work with architects and designers, bringing artistic innovation to the design of the project. Create a mindful environment that inspires excellence in your staff and impresses your clients.


Aaron has a gift for creating bodies of art work that heal. Commissioned by some of the most prominent hospitals in California to capture the beauty around their facilities, Aaron’s photography calms and inspires patients and staff while reducing stress.


Aaron’s world class collection of ocean and nature photography art is the crown jewel of many hotel properties, spas, restaurants, and bars. His work reflects the beauty around the facility and highlights why guests travel far and wide to enjoy the area.