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Hanging Hardware:

  • Aluminum Z-Bar or Wooden Cleat
  • Drywall Screws
  • Drywall Anchors (optional)

Tools Needed for Hanging:

  • Electric Drill (with Phillips Screwdriver Bit)
  • Blue Tape
  • Level
  • Measuring Tape
  • Calculator

Step 1. Determine your viewing center-point.

In the galleries, we use a center-point distance of 64” (approximately eye-level) from the floor to the center of the art. You may elect to go a couple of inches up or down based upon personal preference and your space, but as a general rule of thumb, standard center-points should be between 62” and 66”. This center-point distance may vary based on your wall space and whether or not your piece will be hung above a piece of furniture, over a fireplace, etc. If your wall is blank and the space doesn’t have any furniture, etc., 64″ is a good center-point distance.

Step 2. Determine the distance from the center-point (halfway point) of the art to the bottom of the z-bar or cleat (vertical height).

Example: If your artwork size is a 60″ x 40″, the artwork is 40” in height, so the center-point is 20” from the bottom of the print. Place the Z-bar or wood cleat that mounts to the wall into the frame as if the frame was hanging from the z-bar or cleat. Now, measure the distance from the bottom of the Z-bar or wood cleat to the center-point of the art. On a 40” high piece, the distance from the bottom of a metal Z-bar to the center-point is 16”. If your artwork arrived with a wood cleat, keep the cleat taped into the frame, just as it arrived, and measure the center point to the bottom of the cleat (as this distance may vary from pieces with z-bars).

Step 3. Add the distance from Step 1 and Step 2 to determine the correct height to hang your art.

Example: In Step 1, the distance is 64” high (eye-level) plus in Step 2, the distance is 16”. Total height from the floor to the bottom of the Z-bar is 80”. This height that you calculated from your measurements in Step 1 and 2 will determine where you will place the bottom of your z-bar or cleat on the wall when you’re ready to hang your piece.

Step 4. Determine the horizontal center-point of the art in the hanging space.

Example: If your wall is 96” wide then the horizontal center-point of the art should be 48”.

Step 5. Mark the vertical height with pencil or a piece of tape and then mark the horizontal center-point of the space on the tape.

In this example, the vertical height is 80” off the floor and the horizontal center-point is 48” centered from left to right.

Step 6. This Step applies to pieces 60” wide and large only. Use a stud finder to locate at least two studs in the wall where the art is to be hung.

The Z-bar or cleat needs to be screwed into at least 2 studs. Once the studs are located, follow the steps below to ensure vertical and horizontal alignment is correct, and then line up at least two of the holes on the Z-bar or cleat with the two studs. Using the wall studs to hang your piece will prevent the screws from dislodging from the drywall due to the weight of the piece.

Step 7. Mount the Z-bar or cleat to the wall making sure that the center-point of the Z-bar or cleat is in alignment with the center-point on your tape. Align the bottom of the Z-bar or wood cleat to the top of your tape.

When mounting a wood cleat to drywall, it is always a good idea to use dry wall anchors. The wall anchors will prevent the screws from dislodging from the drywall. For prints up to 54” wide (5) screws are sufficient. For 60” and larger, (5) screws with at least (2) anchored into studs are recommended. Screw in the center screw first. Next place a level on the Z-bar or wood cleat and secure the outside screws. If you cannot locate any studs, we recommend using anchors in the dry wall (for cleats only).

Note: Never pre-drill a hole for a screw UNLESS you are pre-drilling for an anchor.

Step 8. Place the print securely on the Z-bar or wood cleat.

Make sure that the print is flush with the wall and securely seated on the Z-bar or wood cleat before letting go of the print.

For further assistance or questions, email us at, or call the galleries for help: (858) 345-1880 or (831) 574-8038