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Lighting Recommendations

Here are the lights we use and recommend:

You can certainly use recessed light cans. Below is a link to view the cans we recommend. However, keep in mind that there are dozens of other options should you prefer track or suspended light fixtures. 

Below are links to purchase the recessed cans and the LED MR 16 lights.

You will notice the bulbs come in 3 different degrees of beam angle. 

  • 15 Degree Spot
  • 25 Degree Narrow Flood
  • 35 Degree Flood

These lights come in different colors (called Kelvin). The two we suggest are:

  • 2700 Kelvin (warm)
  • 3000 Kelvin (cooler)

Art with warmer colors such as sunsets do better with a warmer 2700 Kelvin, while water images and blues do better with cooler 3000 Kelvin. 

The next decision is Watts. LED use only 7 watts but have the output equal to a 75 watt tungsten bulb. Provided you have a dimmer, it is preferable to have the most wattage possible. If you don’t have a dimmer, you will want to choose a light wattage appropriate for your home. Choices are 75W Equal (high) down to 20W Equal (low).

We suggest ordering a couple of each and trying them out to see which coverage you prefer. Once you determine the bulbs you prefer you can return the extras. Usually the 25 degree lights work the best but it's a personal choice how flat or intense you like the light. 

Prints up to 36-42” wide work with a single 25 Degree light centered, placed 18-24” off the wall with a 8’ ceiling height. 

Prints 42”-54” – we recommend two lights parallel to the width of the print, placed 18-24” off the wall with a 8’ ceiling. 

Prints 60”84” – we recommend 3-4 lights, 2 parallel to the width of the print, placed 18-24” off the wall with a 8’ ceiling. 

Prints 84”-96” do best with 4-5  lights.

Prints 120” would be best with 6 lights.

Have your installer provide a switch with a dimmer. This allows you to fine tune the light.

New Light Bar option from Situ Lighting:

The money you invest in proper lighting for your art will be extremely well spent and bring to life your new art.

For further assistance or questions, email us at, or call the galleries for help: (858) 345-1880 or (831) 574-8038