2019 Holiday Art

New Holiday 12″x 12″ Art Collection – 40% Off

Mix & Match $99 Each

Guaranteed to Sell Out Quickly

Normally $175, Now $99 for a very Limited Time Only

02 days 15 hours 45 minutes 21 seconds

Blue Ombre

Crystal clear water and bubbles from the aerated surf lace this delicate wave.

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Reflective Embers

Vibrant colors of the sunset paint the beach and sky in this powerful abstract work.

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Feel the joy of splashing surf as it crashes to the sandy shore.

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Garden Paradise

An exotic orchid is lit up by the warm tropical sun of Tahiti.

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Days End

A sunset paints the sky vibrant hues of orange, while the surf gently rolls to shore.

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Jungle Abstract

Palm fronds are illuminated to a bright chartreuse in this delightful tropical still-life.

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Beach Stones

The large stones of Torrey Pines beach create a harmonious clamor as the fresh ocean water crashes onto the beach.

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Sandpiper Party

Tiny sandpipers run to and from the shore break, looking for sand crab snacks at sunset.

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Aaron captures an otter pup by surprise and mid-meal in the waters of Northern California.

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Majestic Day

Aaron shot this wave from the water at Black's Beach in La Jolla, CA. On an epic day, this spot boasts an exotic beauty that stuns even locals.

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Carmel Beach Sunset

The sun sets on Carmel Beach at extreme low tide, with the peaks of Point Lobos State Natural Reserve visible along the horizon.

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Cypress Cove

Often described as the best view in the reserve, Cypress Cove could not be more perfectly composed.

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Crashing Waves

You can almost hear this wave crashing to shore, as it churns up the indigo color of the deep sea to the frothy white on the shallow reef.

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Blue Perfection

A cerulean-toned beach break wave moves to shore, reflecting the blue sky and warm summer sun.

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Sunlit Curl

Soft sunlight shines through a perfect, playful beach break in the Pacific.

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Waimea Curl

Aaron photographed this heavy shorebreak on a winter day during a large winter swell.

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  • Embellish side walls or smaller spaces
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2019 has been a year of big change. This holiday, I am reflecting on all that I am grateful for. A lifetime dream of mine came into fruition with the opening of our new Carmel gallery. We also celebrated 10 years of being in business in our Solana Beach gallery!

None of this would have been possible without your support.

As a way of thanking you for your incredible support, we’re bringing back our annual 12″ x 12″ Holiday Sale! 

For a limited time only, begin or continue to grow your collection of 12″ x 12″ prints with a $75 DISCOUNT on each tile!

These tiles use the same pearlescent paper as my fine art limited edition pieces (that sell for $3,000 on average) which allows each piece to light up differently according to the light source in the room. It makes each piece, in each space spectacularly dynamic.

So go ahead – click and collect before the 40% off disappears! At this price, prints are likely to sell out quickly, so secure your favorites now. 

It’s my hope that these small works of art bring years of inspiration and hope to you and your friends, family and business associates!

Give the Gift of Art this Season!

More Holiday Cheer! Get 50% Off  My Best Selling Gallery Books

02 days 15 hours 45 minutes 21 seconds

Normally $39, reduced to $19

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$39.00 $19.00Add to cart

“Aaron and his team are one of my favorite go-to’s for incredible photography for my design projects. His work is incredible and I love that he has a lot of local shots that bring our gorgeous beaches and favorite surf spots indoors.”

Lori Gentile, Interior Designer

What our clients say

Here’s How it Works..

  • Customize 12” x 12”s as Gifts – Choose any combination to tell the most inspirational story and give the gift that keeps on giving.
  • Choose from 16 awe inspiring Aaron Chang originals – this collection is designed to delight and inspire all year long.
  • Each 12” x 12” presented on our Premium Face Mount Finish – a limited edition face mount print sells on average for $3,000. Today, you can get the same presentation of our top of the line Fuji Crystal Archive paper face mounted to acrylic for a fraction of the price for a very limited time.
  • Buy 4, Get Best Selling Gallery Book at 50% off – When you purchase four or more 12” x 12”s, choose from either Aaron’s San Diego book or his Carmel book at half off our regular price of $40.
  • No framing necessary – simply put a nail or screw in the wall and slide the piece into place.
  • Reduced from $175 to $99 – for a very limited time only, these high demand 12” x 12”s are reduced by more than 40%.
  • Shop Now to Get Your Top Pics – before time is up and these pieces are sold out at this price forever.

The Perfect Corporate Gift!

Something for All of Your Clients

Who is Aaron Chang?

Aaron Chang is an award winning, internationally acclaimed artist whose fine art photography and multi media art brings inspiration and light to collectors and fans. Voted Best Artist / Gallery for the past 5 years in San Diego, Aaron is also the San Diego Tourism Authority’s “Ambassador of the Arts”.

Aaron Chang is an American-born artist, known for his exceptional ocean photography and stunning visual art. An internationally acclaimed artist, Chang has collectors all over the world and his work has been published in hundreds of books and magazines. Respected as a creative force who helped visually define the sport of surfing, Aaron spent 25 years as a Senior Photographer at Surfing magazine, traveling to the far reaches of the globe. During this time, Chang set a new standard for modern ocean photography.

Today, as a fine art photographer, Aaron’s company has owned and operated two thriving galleries in the San Diego area for the past 9 years, one downtown and the other in Solana Beach. The company is looking to open a third gallery in the next year. Aaron continues to travel the world, having melded his passion for the ocean and the visual arts into a successful lifelong career.

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Since I know there are a lot of friends and fans out there who love Aaron’s work, but can’t afford $895 for a 16” x 24” limited edition print, we have created a value category of 12” x 12” ready-to-hang wall art pieces that make the perfect gift.

These images are a great way to start your own collection or gift to a friend, family member or business associate. It’s also a gift that (almost) everyone will love — well anyone who loves the sound of waves crashing and the feel of cool salt water rushing up their feet.

Fortunately, you can get a much better deal today – because when you order from this open edition collection of 12″ x 12″ ready to hang, face-mounted art pieces, you will save 40% off the price of a 12” x 12” open edition print. Instead of paying $175, one of our new 12” x 12” wall art pieces will only cost $99. This is the lowest price we have ever offered. An extraordinary gift at an unprecedented price.

If you order four 12” x 12”s, you get half off one of Aaron’s best selling books of your choice – San Diego: Through the Lens of Aaron Chang or Carmel-by-the-Sea and Ocean Inspirations: Through the Lens of Aaron Chang. (This is a $40 retail value).

This is an excellent value for these high quality, best selling format in our galleries. You will not see this deal anywhere else.

We hope these small works of art bring you great inspiration.

Here’s What to Do Now

If you would like to experience the benefits of creating an inspired space for your home or office at the lowest price possible, just choose the images you love and click the “Add to Cart” Button to order. You will receive your order before Christmas.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Take the first step toward living an inspired life by surrounding yourself with a custom curated collection of world class ocean photography. If you don’t absolutely love the work, feel more inspired, energized to achieve your dreams, simply return the pieces for a 100% refund.

Aaron Chang – CEO Ocean Art Galleries

Warning – Time is a Factor

This offer won’t be around for long.

Please note that this opportunity is extremely limited because of the incredibly low price we are offering you. Remember you’re getting an unprecedented value at $75 off each 12” x 12”

02 days 15 hours 45 minutes 21 seconds

This is a promotional launch price and will be increased without warning.

With this program, I’m giving you 40% off of my open edition, 12” x 12” new collection.

… and if you don’t want to inspire yourself, think about what a hero you will be when your friend, family member or associate opens this gift of pure inspiration and goodness.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What exactly is included?

Whichever 12” x 12”s you order, you will receive, along with a certificate of authenticity that the art piece is an authentic Aaron Chang image.

When you order four or more 12” x 12”s, you get half off one of Aaron’s best selling books of your choice – San Diego: Through the Lens of Aaron Chang or Carmel-by-the-Sea and Ocean Inspirations: Through the Lens of Aaron Chang. (This is a $40 retail value).

When will I receive my order?

Every piece is custom made to order and signed by Aaron. You can expect your order to take 2 weeks to ship. We will email you the confirmation of your order when it ships.

How will you ship the 12” x 12”s?

We will ship the 12” x 12”s via Fed Ex. You can choose how fast you would like your package to arrive.

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